About Us

Welcome to Bee + Marigolds!

My name is Ashley and my sweet little boy is Bentley. He is a wild child and keeps us constantly on our toes, but he is my inspiration. I am 27 years old and married to my person, Skyler. He is active duty military and the most supportive husband. We live in South Carolina, but are originally from Pennsylvania. We enjoy camping, hiking, mountains and of course making things

I have been crafting and creating for most of my life. I have always been the crafty creative friend or coworker, but I was never really into sewing until I met my husband’s family. I didn’t know how to sew, but wanted to make our dog some bandanas. My mother in law taught me how and that’s all I did for a couple years.

As the weather was warming up, I could not find any cute clothes for my son. I was frustrated that there wasn’t much and I jokingly mentioned to my husband that I should just make some for him. A few months later I had stumbled upon our Honey Bears + Bees fabric and really wanted to make something so I ordered some fabric. I struggled with the cuffs on the first pair of bloomers, but my husband stepped in and finished the first pair of bloomers. After some trial and error and many months, I did our first drop Easter 2020. This pattern and material of bloomers were alright, but I wasn’t satisfied. I changed the pattern, ordered new material and our 2.0 bloomers were released May 1, 2020. The shop has grown immensely since then and I never imagined this much love + support!

I am so thankful for our loyal customers and amazing brand reps. Y’all have truly stuck with me throughout our mistrials and finding what works best for us. Thank you for your continued support! Our family is grateful!